Friday, December 4, 2009

05 December 2009 Thomas's Birthday

My English become poorer... so i decided to start writing in English in order to improve my English =P

Today is Saturday early in the morning...i still can't close my eyes so i'm gonna take this as an advantage to update my blog. yesterday during Java lecture class with Mr. Gutu, i really don't understand what he talk about...ahaha...pity me... =( really 'buta IT' then we had our Friday dinner together and Zayed made Lamb with sauce... and we help him....start cooking late because Zayed n Fizah end their class at 6.00 p.m. while waiting for them, we went to REAL to buy stuff like choclate for souvenir. We ate at 10.00 late right! hahaha... that what happen when the senior's turn's to cook.

When in REAL, i saw ice skating shoes... i wanna buy one but when i think back, i can buy either in London or before i complete my study and can use it in Sunway Pyramid =P
hahaha~ We went to play ice skating near Ettlinger Tor and I learn how to skate...lucky because i used to play my roller blade back in when i can balance myself, i managed to skate. falling down is part of the excitement.hahaha...but it was so painful.... til now my shoulder and my body still hurts... the wound on my finger is recovering slowly...alhamdulillah... Sorry Nikhil i broke ur watch but you step on my finger so we are even =P

Today is Thomas Mussig birthday!!! I went to his party before 12.00 midnight to wish him. He is my classmate...always like to call me "Qis qis qis qis" a broken tape recorder.hahaha... he is a good friend.. i make friend with everyone in my class. they are so open minded and never look down on me (even im small and they have to look down whenever they wanna talk to me =P) they always nice and offering their concern and help. Alhamdulillah, Allah give me fiends that makes me feel at home. Its not just "home sweet home" but "ID sweet Home" hahaha~

Study become harder and harder...I have to complete all exercises...Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Design, Advance Mathematic, JAVA, Maple... English essay... Ya many of them!!!

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