Thursday, January 7, 2010

17 Dec 2009 until 4 Jan 2010 in London

Penat sungguh bercuti kali nih...huhuhu~

I'd so much experienced and fun during my winter holidays in London with Ain and Nurul... during the 1st few days i spend my nite at mama Tim's house...mama n mak layan mcm anak sendiri... go to Romford market...winter wonderland with Ain, mama Tim n adik Mira...went to Oxford Street with Ain on the 1st day... then we go back to Ain's house at Elm Park, east London...following Ain to her part time working place called 'Bonda' restaurant in Paddington, went to Porstsmouth with Ain n Nurul...there we met Rahim n Hasni, Nurul's friend... went to Arsenal Stadium with Ain n buy wind breaker jacket...i bought lots of stuff in London n my bag exceeds limits...hahaha...lucky they didnt ask me to pay... alhamdulillah...

Thanks a lot to Ain and Nurul for ur special u guys =)

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