Friday, March 12, 2010

Sambal petai+udang dan kek batik ^_^

Alhamdulillah..syukur ke hadrat Allah swt, my allowance already exist in my bank account... masyaAllah =)...

I already buy groceries n food that extinct (on my food shelve)... Patient is really important...and alhamdulillah i manage to go through this hard time...but i always have 2 b aware n spend my money in a safe back-up myself in case something happen n need me 2 act spontaneously again...

When i went to asialand shop yesterday, i bought petai and udang... really craving to eat it..i thought im gonna cook it on Saturday or Sunday...but i end up do it on Friday night...because there's not enough space 2 put the prawns in the freezer... last SAMBAL PETAI+UDANG in the HOUSE!!! =P

i made kek batik also...but unfortunately my 1st time trying turns out not well..maybe because i put too much water...huhuhu...but the taste is nice =P ...macam kemunan pulang...apakan aku nih =)

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