Monday, May 24, 2010

Hari Kelahiranku 24th May 1986-2010

“berikut adalah gambr2 kek 1st round n second round serta kenangan yg aku simpan.huhuhu...”

Alhamdulillah...syukur ke hadrat Ilahi...dah 24 tahun genap aku melihat dunia =) keizinan-Mu utk aku terus menghirup oksigen...dan menyempurnakan tugasku sebagai salah seorg hamba-Mu di muka bumi ini...

thanks a lot to izah n fang for making me a unique n wonderful biscuit raspberry chocolate chip cake last nite =) and in the afternoon...i made another cake but its chocolate moist cake ^_^ i made 3 rounds...

1st round finished by me,fang,izah,fizah,zayed, thomas n ankit =)

2nd round were cup cakes

3rd round is for our trip 2 ingolstadt on 25th may 2010...hehehe...for my frenz

1st song from acul, 2nd song from ibu, 3rd song from arul ( 3 times =P ) kes dera =P

thank you to all warm wishes through facebook, phone, and live wishes =) its really an awesome wishes from all of people who know me =D

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