Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Europa Park 30th June 2010~culture excursion~

Alhamdulillah...i just wanna share sumting for my future memory...the day when i'm able to get rid of my fear to ride the scariest Silver Star, the 360 turn upside down Blue Fire and all those thing that we call roller coaster. ^_^.... the method that i learn is really simple... LET LOOSE.... don't be stiff.... and syukur it really works...and i didn't closed my eyes!!!!Although we already went there last Autumn, this year its different because we went there with our classmates... thumbs up for my beloved classmates...this is such a precious memory... i brought chocolate moist cake for them and we ate it in the train to getting bored of eating chocolate moist i'll upload the pic after i get it from Kevin ^_^ now, i have to finish my english negotiate and send them to saiful and mizah...hurm...T_T

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