Monday, August 2, 2010

Timberland sandal and New Haircut

Timberland Sandal story:

This afternoon i receive my new timberland sandal that i bought through actually i went to the boutique in Karlsruhe last week but the owner said that the sandal that i want already out of just surf the internet n bought one from although i really want dark brown last i decided that i'll take black+red colour...s long s it is Timberland sandal (which i know 100% will be comfortable), it's okay with me. Alhamdulillah, it's not disappointing at all. really comfortable!

Hair cut( haare schneiden )story:

i really wanna new hair cut (boy cut) at the back and long from front and i got it!yeah!i just hope that it'll grow longer by the time i reach home in Dec. hahhaha...i feel my head lighter than before.i like long hair but it's just because of my own stupidity i MUST cut it short for the time being...what kind of stupidity???shhhh....Biarlah rahsia....hahahha

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