Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Paris from 13 Oct 2010-16 Oct 2010 with the Bon family ^_^

Assalamualaikum... may Allah bless me Nurul Balqis Binti Mohd Salleh,ibu(Roslah Binti Ali),kakak n my nephews(rubiatun adawiah Binti Ali, Mohd Raif Rayyan Bin Mohd Razi,Mohd Rafiq Rayyan Bin Mohd Razi),baba(Abdul Hamid Bin Hashim),Mama(ruzifah Binti Ali),Baba(Mohd Salleh Bin Kassim),My siblings,Al-Fatihah to my late grandfather,late grandmother,late great grandmother n grandfather( Ali Bin Othman, Fatimah Binti Abdullah,Sa'amah Binti Puteh, Marzuki Bin Abdullah), my family, my teachers,my best friends,my friends, people who love me and people i love and all Muslimin muslimat....

My trip to Paris, France...

Alhamdulillah, Grande Allah, mio Dio...I got to experience Paris...the life...the excitement, the history, and the food! ^_^

1st day:

arrived in Paris...after check in and put our luggage in the store room (because the hostel only allow us to enter into our room after 4pm... we went around (actually more to wondering around Paris) until we reached Eiffel Tower... nice...but sadly...the road and the sidewalk are full with stinky smell and black chewingum paste...euw..thank Allah i got to study in Karlsruhe, Gemany...which is 10 times cleaner.... and the busy city of Paris...full with cars and not really comfortable with it... we went back to the hostel to put our luggage in the room and go back to Eiffel tower at we used Metro(Paris short journey train) and make our way to the top of Eiffel Tower...if im not was written that the distance from Eiffel tower to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is about 10 344km...i miss home so much... T_T we ate crepes (like lempeng..but originaly from France) and go back to the hostel ^_^

2nd day:

we make a trip to Paris Disneyland ^_^ yeah!. Play all the big ride and i bought some sourvenirs for me =P we went back and eat at the Korean restaurant. Go to Paris but eat we don't have it in Karlsruhe ^_^ enjoy ddukbokki (rice cake) so much...

3rd day:

we went to Louvre (museum where Monalisa potrait situated) and i understand now why the picture is damn famous...its look really u put a real live women there...the museum is so big and after that we went to Notre Dam (like in the movie hunchback from notre dam)..we didn't go up the tower because we have to climb around 400 steps of stairs..owh no man...hahhaa...then we went to Louvre garden (actually its like go back and forth...cies) but im happy because i gotto play with wooden ship...i rent it for 1euro and sail it using a bamboo stick...^_^ new experienced...i got to give bread to the Doves...they even stay on my hand ^_^... we ate Japanese food because we can't find the seafood restaurant that we wanna go but its worth it ^_^nyaman!!!

4th day:

we went to Le Defence...b4 that we went to one old palace and took some pictures like usual but we forgot to take pictures in Le Defence bcause of sum unavoidable thing happen ^_^ then, we manage to find the seafood restaurant and buy some sourveniers and grab our bag and go back to Karlsruhe ^_^

what i can relate paris with is:

Paris = Stairs! many freaking stairs!

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