Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Feeling of Gratefulness

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... I haven't write in a long period of time...lots of thing had happened... Life is indeed full of colours...Was lost a year ago and trying hard to find ways on how to stay sane... Alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah, the most gracious, I managed to go through hard times...learned that no one will be able to help without His will... I nearly forgot that I have this blog to begin with... until someone told me that he read my journey through my blog...Allahu... Here I learned that Allah will always send His love either directly or indirectly... He know the moment I need to pour my heart, He sent me someone to remind me that I have a medium I used to use to vent my heart out... I am not writing to gain sympathy or fame but I just a mere human who need this platform to share my thoughts... When I start back my cycling routine this morning, I saw things I didn't get to see while driving... I got to enjoy the scenery more, I saw how a big antique house that used to be so beautiful just left without walls and I got something out of seeing this thing... nothing last forever... I should cherish my life and enjoy it while it last... As the house were no longer as I remember it before, there will be time where I will no longer live in this world... how ironic it is to think that every single things that started will eventually come to an end... All of us have our own expired date... me? Wallahualam... I hope that before I got to take my last breath, I will be able to give much more than I get... I'm grateful for whatever I have, whatever I once had and lost, and whatever that will come to me... I read somewhere people said problems makes people stronger...I'm still keep on convincing myself with this phrase actually... I got to know someone who keep on giving me reminder to cherish myself and thank you Allah for not giving up on me... although You know how ungrateful I was... You sent me someone I can pour my heart to even I know he doesn't even listen and understand it but nevertheless I know I am helping myself to believe in happiness again...bottling in everything won't do me any good...learning to share is a new thing for me... I'm writing again...Because this is what I like to do... no one to judge, its just me...and only me... Syukran Jazilan Ya Rabb

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