Sunday, March 6, 2016

Calming the wave~

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... When nothing went right, go left... I define this as there are always option we can make and we can choose although we think that nothing can be done... Dont expect too much of anything... be thankful, be grateful, be wise, stay humble and expect nothing in return for any deed you're doing. I want to stay positive, and live life to the more and expect none. I want to give out strength and good vibes for people around me. i know i can calm the wave inside me in time. it is hard, i know but i already knew it before. That I will play with fire... i could end up hurting myself when it come to the matter of heart even though I originally think that my heart will stay frozen and will not budge. Little that I know I will experience the thing im afraid to go through the most. butterfly rampage, crazy waves in my tummy and falling for the other gender are what I thought i will not go through but well2 who am i trying to fool? i was asked to pray yet i dont know what to pray. this crazy wave is melting my frozen heart. I need to fix it before it goes as soft as tofu and get smash on the floor. calming the wave by putting it in the freezer. hmm... sound pretty convincing though.

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